Kep Bunly

Kep Bunly

I, Kep Bunly, am Cambodian. I am 35 years old. Presently, I am working as a part time instructor for University of Cambodia (UC) in department of social science. I started this work by mid of 2012 while I was working for Peace Bridges Organization as associate training coordinator in conflict resolution and transformation unit.

Actually, I could have chance to know and become a friend to medical team from America, led by Dr. Cheryl in 2009 to present under the introduction of Irene. I assisted them for about two weeks every year when they comes to provide medical assistance to Cambodia rural communities, Kratie province which is in the northeastern part of Cambodia. Truly, I do enjoy my work with the team since I could have opportunity to help the medical team in providing medical treatment to Cambodian rural poor and low education.

I am married in mid of 2008 with two children, a girl, 4 years old and a boy, 9 months old. My wife stays home looking after both of my kids. My daughter just attended preschool in May 2014. My wife is responsible for bringing and collecting my daughter to and back from school on any days I work. To release the burden of my wife after work I always play and take care of my kids instead of my wife so as she can make food for us.

Now a day, I do not have my own house and we rent a room in Phnom Penh city not so far from my work place, University of Cambodia. I know that life is hard for my family as a whole. I remembered that when I was single I did not have to care too much about others. After I got married and had the first and second child, I realize that I am carrying something heavily on my both shoulders, one is family and another is work and education I need to pursue as of my ambition.


Even education in Cambodia is considered low in quality, I love it since all my educational backgrounds are in Cambodia. I think it is somehow good for me. I finished my undergraduate degree from Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) in the field of Philosophy in 2004. One year after my graduation from undergraduate, I passed exam to study in National Institute of Education (NIE) in 2005 in the field of civic education and pedagogy. In 2009, based on some work experiences I felt that it is not enough for my understanding about the world around me and I decided to apply for master degree program in RUPP in the field of social work. I graduated my master degree of social work in 2011.

In this master degree I was attracted by learning to understand older adult living condition and mental health issues. Maybe the water pot in my head is not yet fulfill with knowledge and skill it urged me to pursue my education.

I know that my family living condition is not well off for me to do more education. Luckily, Dr. Cheryl and Lisa since having known and understood me and my wish and conditions, they decided to support me to attend PhD program in leadership

Presently, I am taking this PhD program in Leadership. I know that it is extremely difficult for me in this level of education and I hope to struggle it for my better future and career. I strongly hope that after I graduate from this PhD program, I would become a professor, consultant and researcher. Moreover, since I attended the program I always wish to create program to assist Cambodian caregivers to their older adults and Health Care program.