Samnang Pov

My name is Samnang Pov. I am a student at University of Cambodia. I am the only child in our family that was sent to school and graduated from high school. My father is a great man and he values education for his children. It was so sad that he was not able to send my three older sisters to school because of our family’s living conditions. I finished high school in 2009 but I was not able to go to the University. In early 2014, I have chance to enter the University for the first time and it is more than I ever expected.

I chose Development Studies and I am the only student in my classes that has chosen to study this major. I wondered why other students do not want to study Development and that most of students choose to study business, accounting and management. Yet later on I realized that Development Studies is not preferable by them because it was considered as a poor major. They think they might earn less money when they graduate.

I chose Development Studies because I think I can help my country more after I graduate. Cambodian people live in a poor conditions and I strongly believe that only holistic development can help my country. Holistic development starts with education. We need to provide people the opportunity for education and the right education base on their living conditions. When people are educated, their lives are changed. When their lives are changed, the community, society and country are changed.

I would like to say thank you to the medical team and its funders that brought me a computer this year. It is the first laptop computer that I have had. It is really helpful to my studies. With this computer, I am able to do the research through the internet for my school assignments. There are some subjects that required me to bring a laptop to the classroom. It also helps me to work on databases and statistic which is really important to my major.


Sam with new computer