Daneth Him

My name is Daneth Him.I am 35 years old. I am single and stay with my mother, sister and brother. I have four sisters and two younger brothers. Unfortunately my father died in 2010; my oldest sister died in 2011 and younger brother died in 2015. After my father died, I was motivated to support my younger brother and sister at university. We’re now living in a rental house in Phnom Penh. My mother has a small grocery.

I have been working for the General Board of Global Ministry-United Methodist Church (GBGM-UMC) since 2004. I startedmy work as volunteer for Womens' Programs and Youth Programs. In 2010, GBGM-UMC sent me to the Asian Rural Institute in Japan for 9 months training in Leadership and Sustainable Agriculture. In 2011 I started my contract with the Community Health and Agriculture Development program (CHAD), another program under GBGM-UMC. It is low paid, but It is my pleasure to be part of this ministry to help poor people in the rural area. Below are my roles and responsibilities working for the CHAD program.

As a church based-community facilitator:

  • Building relationships in partership with churches, communities, local authorities and other NGOs.
  • Working with the church and community to assess needs.)
  • Working with the church and community to establish of community development groups according to the needs assessment.
  • Visiting, following up and monitoring the development project groups in order to provide coaching, mentoring, encouragement, advice, and project data update.
  • Increasing awareness and providing training workshops involving Agriculture, Health, and Group Leadership.
  • Follow-up meetings with Project Groups and Pastors every 3 months to evaluate the work we have done.
  • Providing encouragement to the church invite the community member to join in the project group.
  • Providing coaching and mentoring to social concern committee members in my work zone.
  • Monthly planning and budgeting submited to the CHAD team leader and Financial Executive of GBGM-UMC.
  • Making quarterly activities resports report tothe CHAD team leader and Financial Executive of GBGM-UMC

*I am also responsible for networking between the church, community members and local authorities.


Daneth Him


I finished my Bachelor Degree in General Management last year. I am passionate to pursue my Master Degree in Organization Leadership in the United States, therefore I am working hard to study English.